Innovation for
the welfare of your animals

SpeedFlex® flexible cubicles A new generation of cubicles

SpeedFlex® flexible cubicles A new generation of cubicles

SPEED France has a complete offering of flexible cubicles, adaptable to any farm and to any herd size.

Supple enough to provide a maximum of comfort, and rigid enough to keep the animal in the stall.
  • The cubicle

    - Your animals lie down easil.
    - More comfort
    - No harmful static energy buildup
    no pressure points on the animals
    - Full sized for increased stability and shape memory return.
    - Optimise your farm

  • The neck cable

    - Avoid injuries
    - Molds itself to the shape of the cow’s neck
    - Reduces their stress levels

  • SpeedFlex® at the trough

    - Reduces competition for food access
    - The flexibility of the cubicle reduces injuries and stress in busy areas
    - With a step included the cleaning frequency of the manure scraper is increased and the barn is cleaner!

moins de stress

When your cow is less stressed

moins de blessures

has fewer

remains lying down for longer

in a cleaner barn

with better access to food

your cow produces more!

Flexible cubicles, with very strict specifications

SPEED’s quality commitment

Every step is taken with the greatest of care, the entire company is engaged to ensure the highest quality.

Cutting-edge production process

SpeedFlex® cubicles are manufactured according to strict specifications defined by our R&D department. We use the most recent production process, in line with all current regulations.

Industrial traceability

Each cubicle has a unique serial number. Traceability from production to end-user is guaranteed.